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Gale Harold Access Hollywood Interview 16-04-2009



When all this went down were your thoughts 'I'll never be asked back to that show.'

Gale: "Um, I think in that guiltily 17-year-old reaction, yeah, you know, the last thing you want to do is cause a big delay at work, right? It was kind of that professional, um, sort of – what's the good term there, paranoia, professional paranoia, like, don't shut the game down when you're about to go on. Yeah, I, I, I just assumed that, you know, they would be moving on and solving that storyline however they needed to."

Honestly, though, the main thing going through your mind was, 'Am I going to survive this?' What exactly happened?

Gale: "Um, well, I mean, I had an accident, um, and, ah, I was very fortunate that I was able to handle it and I recovered very quickly. So any time you are in that situation on something that moves like that you can get into a problematic situation but that's, fortunately for me, not what happened. It was a combination of experience and some skill and good fortune. I had friends with me."

Injury-wise, what happened to you, because I know there was a lot of reports that you were near death and you were in serious­­...

Gale: "Well, yeah, I did die and then I came back to life and then I died again just as I was about to come back to work so I had to come back to life. And now the life seems to be sticking, like, I haven't died again since the last time. So if I can make it to two that means I get one more, right?"

Don't you get nine?

Gale: "No."

You don't?

Gale: "Strictly non-feline."

But you were in bad shape?

Gale: "Um, I was in.. I was in fairly...uncomfortable shape, yeah."

What can you tell us about what's going on with Jackson and Susan?

Gale: "Well, Jackson has come back into Susan's life because he has something that he'd really like to speak to her about – a very important question – and I think he realised after being away from her that he really needed her. He needed her in his life and so he's come back to ask her a fairly important question and he... rolls back into town. :)"

That question would be?

Gale: "Um, would you marry me? -- Not you, but... :D"

________________________________________________________________ Gale Harold on Access Hollywood - April 16, 2009 Gale: "Marc was willing to bring me back."

A different story (I think this refers to Nicollette Sheridan's alleged treatment by Marc Cherry) from Gale Harold who returns to Desperate in two weeks. Gale plays Teri Hatcher's on-screen boy toy, Jackson, but his plot line has been on hold for the past six months, as the actor recovered from a serious motorcycle accident.

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