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Desperate Housewives: Gale Harold Returns! 17-04-2009
ABC.com interview.



Hey guys, I’m Blake Peyrot and we’re on the set of Desperate Housewives in front of Susan Meyer’s house right on Wisteria Lane and I’m going to head inside and talk to Gale Harold who plays Jackson on the show and talk to him about his return to the show. Let’s go.

What has happened to you? Can you let us know personally what has happened to you that kept you from being on the show?

GH: "Uh, I had a motorcycle accident and um, I've have been recovering from that and now I’m recovered and, uh, I was fortunate enough to be working for a show in a job that they were interested in having me back. So, I’m very grateful to Marc and everyone here for bringing me back to work."

Can you let us know just where we left off with Jackson?

GH: "Well, they were progressing in their relationship toward a point where they may be getting closer, more serious and then he left and took a job out of town -- maybe he didn’t, maybe he did. He wanted to be closer to her. She wanted to be closer to him and they kept stepping on each other’s toes and it wasn’t really working out. It was that classic get it wrong at the right time, get it right at the wrong time and so when he left, there was no real resolution and I think he comes back now, realizing that he really needs to have Susan in his life in a way that she wasn’t and so he comes back to ask her if she could consider being willing to do that."

And what’s it like being back on the set?

GH: "It’s been great. I mean I see lots of familiar faces, a lot of friendly faces, a lot of smiles and you know being welcomed back has been very nice."

I bet Teri is very excited that her storyline will come back into the center because it took a little bit of a side step when you...

GH: "And I owe her a lot and I’m sorry for taking a break, but I’m back now and as much as I can do to help, I will so..."

There you go. Do you want to say anything to your fans cause like I said you have such huge fans on ABC.com and they have been so supportive! They've asked about the Desperate Housewives series. They have been asking about you and the message boards have been crazy. Is there anything you want to say to them?

GH: "Um, I would just say thank you very much for your concern and your interest and, uh, don’t stop now because I’m back! Ha ha!"

Perfect. Thank you.

GH: "Thank you."

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